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Handy Flashlights For All Occasions

Light up the darkness with powerful and convenient flashlights in a variety of sizes and configurations. Choose from standard flashlights to super energy-efficient LED flashlights complete with accessories. The proper light will make the task at hand make much easier and safer. We offer a complete range of flashlights from popular brands like MagLite, Streamlight, Coleman and others. Our selection of flashlights feature all types of bulbs, including energy efficient LED's and can be operated on standard, alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

Many different types of flashlights are available depending on the application, or use. Large flashlights provide more light, and typically have much larger battery capacity. This type of flashlight is perfect when the need to illuminate large areas is a must. Smaller lights are perfect for glove boxes, desk drawers or wherever a light is needed in small areas. If you want durability and performance, we couldn't recommend a better product than MagLite. Made in the USA of heavy duty aluminum, available with different bulb types, MagLite has a well deserved reputation of being the best. Each one features an adjustable beam to accommodate many conditions.

Some flashlights come in special presentation boxes and make great gifts. Be sure to check the description, detailed info about each ones performance, construction materials, battery life, and weight, will help guide you to a flashlight that works well for your needs.