Camping With Your Pet

If you are planning a camping trip, don’t forget to bring your pet. Dogs especially love to spend time with you outdoors. They have an extra spring in their step and let out joyous barks whenever they discover something new.

Though it does add a little bit more work and camping equipment, you will be glad you brought them along. Many campgrounds are dog friendly, and offer services that cater just to them. Before leaving home, take some time to research the pet rules of the campground as well as the parks, beaches or marina’s you are planning to visit.

Keep Pets Safe

The trip will be more enjoyable for everyone if your pet is well trained. Keep them on a leash when around others and train them to obey your commands. This will ensure their safety. Keep extra, brightly colored leashes with the camping gear so that you don’t need to worry about packing them along with everything else.

Many campgrounds have their own café’s and convenience stores. Pets are generally welcome and are usually offered fresh bowls of water and treats. If your day-trip activities do not welcome pets, check to see if there is a pet day care option.

Have Fun with your Pet

Dog parks are a great way to spend some time with your pet without venturing very far from your campsite. If your trip includes boating or canoeing, see if life jackets for pets are available. If not you will need to bring your own. For safety and liability issues, most businesses will not let your pet aboard without one.

Pet Shelter

Spending time at the lake or the beach is a great way to unwind. Consider bringing a screen house for your pet to relax in. Compact and lightweight, no assembly is required. Once removed from its carry case, it unfolds.

This will provide protection from the sun or rain, and keep them off the ground. If your trip will entail a lot of hiking, make sure the trails you intend to take are safe for your pet. If there are narrow ledges and uneven terrain, you may want to leave your pet at the campsite. You know you are in shape, but what about them?

If they are not used to the exercise, make sure they have time to recover from one outing before going to the next.