Camping Under Water

Have you ever been camping under water? If so, you know just how hard it is to set up your tent, not to mention the number of times you have to come up for air and lighting a stove is almost impossible. Well, you probably have not, but you may have though you were if you have been caught in a hard rain storm.

Here are some tips to help keep you dry on your next camping trip.

1) Have a good quality tent.

2) Seam seal all seams on your tent, Liquid and tape are the two most common types, this may be done at the factory on more expensive tents.

3) Ensure you have a rain fly and it is attached properly.

4) Choose high ground for tent placement

5) Bring along a few large tarps for emergencies.

6) A rain coat for every member in your party.

7) A proper fitting floor protector or tarp can help keep your tent floor dry. Make sure it does not extend beyond the side walls of the tent.

8) Check the weather forecast, weather radios are great while camping.

9) A bottle of oxygen and goggles……

But seriously, being prepared is no joking matter. Have fun, stay dry and make the best of the situation, the best way to do that is by being prepared!