Camping During A Recession

In Gettysburg, Pa at a campground called Battlefield KOA, an individual would be able to watch a movie on an outdoor screen, look at email at their campsite, play some mini golf, go in the pool, play arcade games, listen to music on Saturday nights, eat pancake breakfasts in the morning on weekends, and even get dinner delivered to an individual’s camping unit if they do not feel like cooking dinner one night. This campground is situated on twenty five acres of woods and due to this campground’s availability of air conditioned lodges, cabins, and even cottages an individual does not really have to camp in order to say that they have went camping.

When an individual camps they are trying to get away from it all, away from everything. Just by leaving the city and heading to this campground to camp they are getting away from everything and getting away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. Even in this economy many individuals are still trying to get away from it all and they are starting to flock into campgrounds because not only can a person get away, get in touch with nature, but they can spend bonding time with their family.

An individual can make campground reservations through a web site called which helps individuals to book campsites in many of the national parks that are in the United States has seen an eight percent increase in the total amount of people using their site in the first six months of the 2011 year.

If an individual is to wonder what KOA stands for, it stands for Kampgrounds of America. This is a network that has featured over four hundred and sixty commercial campgrounds and they have also seen an increase in camping and RV usage in the past few years. With the economy the way it is more people are going back to the more simpler lifestyles and tending to spend less on vacations and end up having more bonding time in the end.

If an individual is looking to reserve a campsite then heading to, which is an online guide to the United States National Forests and their campgrounds. At these campgrounds an individual can go camping there for only ten to fifteen dollars a night. These types of campgrounds have seen a major spike in the amount of people who are wanting to stay at these campgrounds. This booking web site has found that they have also seen an increase in reservations over the past few years.

At campground’s all around the country, owners tell us that they believe that camping is a business that is not affected by recession. Because even when people cannot afford to go on vacation at an expensive cottage, they can bring out a camping tent or even use an old camper and spend around fifty dollars on a campground and still maybe have money to do excess activities.

The same is for Yellowstone National Park as well. They have seen a decrease in the amount of lodgings that they are booking but the amount of reservations and guests staying at the campground are going up. Many people are also deciding to make last minute plans, they are planning with their schedules, to go camping then planning ahead.

Since the economy and the gas prices are going up people have been traveling shorter distances from their home when they are going for a vacation, but even though they are staying near their home, they are staying at that campground longer then they have in the past. At KOA campgrounds the campers who stayed in there in the past have usually stayed 1.7 nights but they are up now closer to 2.5 nights instead. reports, traveling through the West and looking at all the different parks that they offer and they are noticing more and more of the rental RV’s are making their way onto the road and even onto the campgrounds. RVing is no longer a grandparents thing, but families, couple, and even friends are using this as a means to camp.

Even though the RV situation has changed it is not the only thing that has changed. The campgrounds that are around today might not be like the ones that an individuals remembers from when they were a kid. As of today there are campgrounds that have concierge services, food delivery, skate parks and even more additions that can be found at some private facilities.

If an individual finds them wanting to stay near Columbia in California, then they should think about staying at the Marble Quarry RV campground which has a place where individuals can pan for gold right at the RV park. At the Jellystone Park in Canyon lake Texas the most popular feature there is laser tag.

At the Kamp Klamath RV campground which is found in Klamath California an individual can try their famous alder-smoked salmon which is now currently served at the campgrounds restaurant and has won many prizes at several events. Many people are looking for the same features in campground that are found in hotels and sometimes even more features. If a campground is located near several lodges or even hotels they would have to provide as much as them somehow.

One example of this would be at the Red Apple Campground they have a Maine Lobster fest, which costs twenty five dollars to get in, and in general this campground is booked two years in advance for this festival. Campgrounds are finding that they have to be more creative with their campground in order for people to want to come back to their camp.

Many campgrounds today have wi-fi services and even concierge services as well. In Maine there are some campsites that are located on the waterfront which can go for one hundred dollars a night that are the first campsites to be booked.

But sometimes if a campground has too much buzz about it can scare away some of the more avid campers if there is too much activity that is going on. For example if the campground is making announcements every hour about things such as ice cream socials and about their putt-putt golf that is available it can mean that the camper is not relaxing if their is too much activity going on.

What many campers who go camping say that they do like the whole camaraderie of a campground. The president of the KOA campgrounds, Jim Rogers, says that campgrounds are like living in the last small town in the United States. It is like a community. It allows for people to interact with strangers and allows for their children to do the same with other children in the area.

It does not usually matter what an individual goes camping in either because those individuals that go in different RV models can interact the same with those individuals who are in RVs as well as in a six person tent. Everyone is considered equal. This also is a great way for individual to take several trips during the summer and save money doing so.

Some RV trailers have different amenities that an individual can use when they are camping. For example some of them have gas fireplaces, flat-screen televisions, a bed that is a queen size, and many different amenities. Even with all these amenities some of these individuals spend more time outside of their RV swimming in a pool or even playing putt-putt golf rather then staying in their comfy RV.

Most people who are going camping are looking to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of their life. They do not want to worry about their cell phones going on or even about how people at the work are doing. They are looking to be more secluded in nature and spend more time bonding. Many of these individuals say that if they lost everything they would just go out and buy tents and enjoy the campgrounds.