Camping Gear for Kids

Camping is a family affair, because kids and camping go hand and hand. One of the reasons they enjoy camping so much is because they get to sleep outside at night and explore nature and watch wildlife during the day.

As parents, we want to find gear that will not only keep our kids comfortable and provide them with fun, but also protect them from harsh conditions.

Children’s Sleeping Bags

The right camping gear for children will make any outdoor trip a perfect one for the whole family, because reliable equipment can give you peace of mind. Remember, quality sleeping bags for children and teens don’t have to cost a fortune.

Look for features such as insulated, light weight bags that are made to keep them warm in very low temperatures, and make sure the zipper tracks glide easily without catching or snagging.

Tents for Kids

If your children want to sleep in their own tent, there are plenty of great styles of tents available on the market. Many youngsters delight in claiming their own personal space at the campsite and enjoy sleeping in their own tent.

For up to three small children, select a small pop-up tent that measures about 5 by 7 feet, or purchase a bigger size so you will be prepared when they become teens.

Make sure the tent is leak proof and has a waterproof floor that comes up several inches on the sides. Children appreciate comfort, so you’ll want to pack the pillows, favorite blankets and plush toys that they normally sleep with.

Pint-Sized Camping Equipment

Camping gear for children is much like adults, but miniature sized and more colorful. Remember to take child-size chairs that enable them to touch their feet to the ground and sit comfortably.

If you plan to go hiking, give each child their own small backpack containing binoculars, water bottle and snacks.

They should also have their own safe lantern and flashlight for their tent. Don’t forget to give them their own colored light sticks for telling scary stories around the campfire at night.

Last but not least, pack a bag with mosquito repellent, sunscreen and a first-aid kit.