Camping With Canvas

Canvas has so many uses, tents, tarps, awnings, and ground cloths just to name a few. Canvas tents have been a staple of camping and an American tradition for over 100 years. Canvas is a favorite fabric of families because of its lasting durability and ease of use. Canvas camping tents are made of cotton, but synthetic canvas is also available. Nylon and polyester are other typically used fabrics for camping tents. Cotton is also incredibly strong fabric is advantageous because it is water resistant and holds up well over time.

The resistance to water is often a major consideration for your family and canvas is one of the best materials around. Most tents incorporate a tightly woven fabric, but all water resistance tents will incorporate some type of waterproofing embedded or sprayed onto the fabric. The resistance to water is measured in PSI or mm. A rating system has been developed to help consumers know how water resistant a given tent will be. This rating only takes into account the pressure required for water to penetrate the fabric. Water leakage is most common at seams where the fabrics are sewn together.

Canvas tents have many uses including family camping, military operations, and circus tents just to name a few. The military has done extensive testing of all types of fabrics and continue to use canvas today because of its outstanding performance. These tents are also useful in times of crisis. Emergency response organizations use them for portable shelters, triage centers and command posts. Cotton canvas is particularly desirable for its breathe-ability, along with protection from the elements.

Canvas is a heavier fabric than nylon or polyester, and will also require a much stronger frame system that’s usually made from steel. Canvas also makes for great tarps that can be used as shelter or placed on the ground for protection of your tents floor. Do yourself and your family a big favor by having a canvas camping tent for your next camping vacation.