Camping Can Be A Great Way To Exercise

There is more than one way to go camping. You might rent, purchase or borrow a travel trailer, drive to a campsite, nearby or far away, spend the day out on the water in an inflatable boat, and at the end of the day throw a few thick, juicy steaks on the barbecue. Then spend your evening sitting around the campfire drinking beer.

You won’t burn calories and the only exercise you will have is lifting another can of beer out of the cooler. If this is the way you choose to spend your time camping, more power to you. However, don’t fool yourself into thinking you are getting exercise. A family tent camping trip is a better way.

At the other end of the spectrum, camping can mean a backpack and a few days hiking in the woods, or it can mean several days in a canoe. Camping and exercise do not always go together, but they can, and frequently do. It is a great way to stay in shape. It is also fun for the entire family.

There are many activities that combine fresh air and exercise. If you pitch a camping tent, you are going to burn calories. If you are staying where you are permitted to chop your own firewood that will burn calories too. Roughing it is healthy exercise.

Apart from setting up camp, when roughing it there are many other activities that are easy forms of exercise in the great outdoors. If a long trek in the woods, or paddling a kayak for days is too ambitious, take it easy and hike a mile or two beyond your camping area. Do not just look at the water, dive in and go for a swim.

The important thing is, if you want to burn calories you need to move. An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. If you have not been living an active life, perhaps the time to start is when you are away from the stress of daily life and camping.

If you and your family have decided camping is good exercise, leave all electronic devices at home. Take time to enjoy everything nature provides, exercise your imagination as well as your body. While camping talk about the importance of saving the trees and keeping our water supply healthy. Even the busy little ants have purpose. Yes, you can bring all the conveniences of home into the woods. However, there is better way to bask in what nature provides.