Buying a Camping Tent with built in Screen Room

Your camping experience now has a new way of being enhanced. Now there is the option of the camping tent with screen room. Since this room is permanently attached, it can be used for various things like eating to keeping the bugs away and even to stay cool, this tent will make your camping trip more enjoyable. Most campers purchase two tents for this purpose but now you can save time and money by using this one. Repelling all small critters and bugs is easy with the screened room, it even protects from the winds and rain. With this additional protection, it can also be used as extra sleeping room on warm nights.

The website Practical Sports has the slogan “Your First Choice for Outdoor Gear!”, catering primarily to your every camping need. They even offer free shipping on most tents to 48 States in the US. To assure quality security for customers, they even declare that they camp with their own products which must mean they carry the best of the best.

Why not enjoy the experience of using the camping tent with screen room? With Children this is something they are sure to enjoy, feeling the security and comfort of still being in the tent with their family, yet still having the view to observe and enjoy nature. For Adults just the simplicity of being in one on a moonlit, starry night with your loved ones or significant other can be cozy, intimate or romantic.

Depending on the amount of occupants and size, the tent may vary anywhere from $200 to $600 dollars. Obviously the larger sized tents will generally be in the higher range, cost will also distinguished in the name brand. Change your camping experience forever by purchasing the camping tent with screen room today!