Burrito Dogs, Perfect Camping Meal

Burrito Dogs, The Perfect and Easy Camping Meal.
Hot dogs and tortillas go well together, much to kids delight. Many different variations of Burritos can become a fancy meal while camping. You can use any style of dogs and any type of flour or corn tortilla.

Try condiments you know the kid’s will love like, shredded cheese, sweet relish, diced onions and chili sauce.

beef or pork hot dogs
flour or corn tortillas

Recommended condiments:
diced onions
sweet relish
chili or sauce
shredded cheese

How to Prepare:
Grill hot dogs over open frame or metal grill till done.
Place tortilla on hot metal grill being careful not to burn or over cook.
Place hot dog onto tortilla, add condiments and roll up burrito.
Smother in Chili or sauce and add cheese.
Serve warm for full enjoyment.