The Best Foods to Take Camping

For many, camping is enjoyable and relaxing. No matter if you are just going overnight or staying for a week or even two, there are some foods that have quickly been labeled as the best foods to take camping. Finding the right location and getting all of your gear together can take some time. While you are getting your shelter together, it is also important to make sure that you have enough food packed for your trip. There are so many options and listed here are only a few ideas that you can use while on your camping trip. So pack up your camp stoves and get ready to go.

Let’s begin with breakfast. Since this is known as the meal that is most important, it is a good idea to pack an ample of food for it. Finding foods like cereal and oatmeal, which are dry, will not only be fast in preparation, but you can eat them cold or hot. Since you will need your water to initially be hot to cook oatmeal, you can go ahead and make some cocoa or instant coffee as well.

For the milk needed for cereal, take time to buy small containers instead of a gallon. They will take up less room in the cooler. If you want to bring out the camp stoves, eggs are a great choice. Scrambled, over easy, runny or an omelet with ham and onions will make for a great breakfast.

When it comes to lunch and snacks, having your camp stoves heated and ready will allow you to make a warm grilled cheese. You can even add some of the ham from breakfast and make a grilled hams and cheese. Keep in mind, you will always want to have some sort of cooking spray so that the mess to clean up is not too difficult. For lunch, you can even choose to have a cold sandwich as well. Snacks can be anything from beef jerky and nuts to fruit and trail mix. Just keep it simple.

In the evening when the stars are out and the air is cool, a hot meal is what you need. Heat up your camp stoves and get to cooking. Having canned soup or prepared spaghetti is a wonderful option during camping. You can also go with the hot dog on a stick and roast it in the campfire. No matter what you chose to eat, make sure it is simple, easy to pack and fun.