Best Family Camping Tents to Suit A Family’s Needs

The best family camping tents are those that suit the family’s needs. When thinking about what is needed, the time of year the tent will be used, the number of people who will use it, and style and quality need to be considered. Rule of thumb, be prepared for the worst weather that might come along. Never scrimp on quality, a collapsed or leaking tent could force the entire family into a vehicle and a premature return home.


Camping tents are rated according to the number of people they can sleep. However, it is recommended to divide by two. For example, if there are four people in the family, buy an eight person tent, or two four person tents, because specifications do not take equipment, toys, games, and clothing etc. into consideration.


A-frame tents are generally not suited to family camping, unless purchased as extra sleeping area for older children. Cabin camping tents are heavy duty and roomy, but setting one up is time consuming.

Dome camping tents are light, strong, wind resistant, and repel snow and rain. Summer camping tents are designed with good ventilation. Tunnel tents are light for their size because they use fewer poles and less fabric.