Beautiful Hikes in North America

Many beautiful places dot the North America landscape. While many people whiz right by them in their cars, at seventy miles an hour, the hiker is very lucky because they have learned to take life at a slower pace. Whether going on a day hike with friends or an extended camping trip with family, hiking gives you the chance to see the most beautiful scenery that North America has to offer. Consider three hikes that offer the most beautiful scenery in North America.

1. Navajo Trail and Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon Utah

In order to get the most out of this hike, start by using a headlamp early in the morning before the sun kisses the canyon with its wake up call. Start your walk by climbing down the area known as Wall Street, where the steep canyon walls give you just enough room to walk single file. As you reach the bottom of Wall Street, the sun should just be starting to kiss the hoodoos, some of which are as tall as ten-story buildings, making them come alive with brilliant red, oranges, and whites.

Continue on the Navajo Trail and be amazed at what Mother Natural has created as you reach the two natural bridges one on top of the other. Turn around, return to the Garden Trail, and walk through the gorgeous natural arches on your way back to civilization. Despite the fact that this hike is just over three miles, you will feel miles from civilization since you started early and beat the crowds. Camping facilities located nearby make getting their early extremely easy.

2. Fundy Trail

Hugging the coast in Nova Scotia, the Fundy Trail is a great place for a multi-day backpacking hike. The hike begins at the hiker feels the sway of the 275-foot suspension bridge over the Big Salmon River. The trail continues through deep ravines and breathtaking canyons that make up the northern section of the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Watch whales playing in the ocean from points that very few people ever dare to go. Carefully plan your journey, because another part of the fun is wading across rivers only passable at low tide.

3. La Cienaga Route up Pico Duarte

Hikers looking for a real adventure should consider hiking the La Cienaga Route up Pico Duarte, the Caribbean’s highest peak. Along the way, as you are backpacking up the side of the mountain, listen to numerous birds signing in the large national park, the most preserved forest in the Dominican Republic.

Play in the waterfalls as the water cascades down the mountainside, play in the beautiful pools that very few ever see, and look at the amazing petroglyphs carved years ago that still hold important messages about taking care of the environment today.