Beach Cabana – Get Protection From the Sun

The best beach accessory that you can get for the beach is a cabana. A beach cabanas is becoming a very common sight on beaches around the USA. Many different varieties are available to complete your beach ensemble.

What is a cabana really? A beach cabana is a kind of a shelter which looks similar to a canopy and camping tent combined. Most usually have one large opening that can be faced toward the beach. Windows are available on some models to allow cross breezes and feature closeable flaps for privacy.

This type of shelter is primarily made for privacy when changing clothes or relief from the baking sun after swimming or playing. Beach cabanas provide better protection and more privacy than beach umbrellas. Ultra violet rays of the sun can damage skin, having a sun shelter can help minimize these damaging effects.

With their lightweight framework made from heavy duty and rust resistance poles, setup is a breeze. This and durable nylon fabric make for a shelter that’s compact, and highly portable. Most shelters will use sand pockets to stabilize since stakes do not hold well in sand.

Cabanas can also be used pool side, at picnics or just about anywhere you need additional shade.

It is very important to take proper care of the cabana for longevity. The fabric should be regularly rinsed and the poles should also be cleaned after trip to the beach to ensure prevention from salt damage. A quick vacuuming of the shelter can remove lose and built up sand.

Some beach cabanas are available with out a floor, these are easier to clean and provide a sun blocked area for kids to play in the sand. Shelters are rated in UV protection with most offering a rating of 50 or more. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that beach tents should have at least 50 UPF rating. Protect your loved ones this summer by proving the sun shelter they need.