Be Ready with a First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit handy at all times is probably the most overlooked part of supplies you need when backpacking, camping, fishing or hunting. Accidents happen all the time and having the necessary equipment to handle any situation is a must. This year, make it a point to have a kit available to help you with any emergency that may arise.

The thing about first aid kits is, you hope you’ll never have to use it. But, if you spend much time in the outdoors, the day will come when you will. And, you will be glad you spent the time to put it together and keep it current and with you.

While we are usually not very far from medical help these days, there are lots of “little” injuries which should get your immediate attention. Some antiseptic and an adhesive bandage could fend off an infection and a serious medical condition later.

That often depends upon what type of outdoor activity you are engaged in. A hiker should carry different supplies than a fisherman carries. If you put together a kit which will suffice for everything from a two-week wilderness backpacking trip to a Canadian fly-in to a sail boat trip around the Horn of Africa, you will end up with several pounds, if not hundreds of pounds, of medical supplies.