Backpacks – Made in the USA

High Quality Backpacks made in America
Backpacking is a favorite pastime for people all around the world. Backpacking trips can be fun and exciting as well as memorable for all involved. Backpacks can be used for more than just daytrips, many people use these specialty items for carrying computers, books and even bug out preparation.

Everyone knows that quality is a major determining factor when purchasing a pack that in worn, sometimes for 10 or more hours a day. The pack needs to be durable, lightweight, have several compartments and most of all, comfortable to wear. Since most users will need to carry enough gear to last for days at a time on the trail, the proper size and capacity is a large concern.

Planning is needed in order to stay safe as well as prepared for any event or weather that you may encounter. Everything from backpacking tents and sleeping bags to food are necessary to carry in your pack.

You can help support small business, the economy and fellow Americans by purchasing Made in the USA products.