3 Tips for Beating the Heat While Camping

Camp-outs are a great way to spend the summer holidays or a family vacation. On the other hand, the drawback to tent camping during the midsummer months is the hot weather. However, all it requires to make a summertime outdoor overnight stay a much more pleasurable experience is remembering to take a few extra measures. Here are some of the best techniques for staying cool during the summer camping season.

Set Up the Campsite for Comfort

Finding a shady location is the key to creating a cooler campsite. With the use of a compass, place your tent in a location that will be protected from the sun, especially during the heat of the afternoon hours. If no shade is available, use a canopy to provide shade. When setting up a summertime camp, always use a high flow camping tent that has lots of air circulation features, such as front and back flaps, along with an open screen roof.

If your campsite provides electrical energy, set up a large box fan for extra cooling comfort. Be sure to pack a long outdoor extension cord that will reach the power source and allow you to move the fan around during the day and night to keep cool. If electricity isn’t provided, use a battery powered fan. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries if you’re planning to camp out more than one night.

Hints for Staying Cool While Camping

Dress in suitable, lightweight cotton clothing that fits loose, because this allows air to flow around the body. Avoid dark colors of clothing that attract the sun and prevent you from staying cool. Wearing plenty of sunscreen will help fend off the sun’s rays and prevent sunburn, and a hat with a large brim will help shade your face. Keep a sufficient amount of ice and cold drinks on hand to help keep cool. Cold drinks lover the body temperature and keep you hydrated. When the afternoon temperatures get scorching hot, rubbing ice on the body can help to keep everyone cool and prevent over-heating.

Camp near Water

Campsites that are near the water are the best places to camp during the hot summer months. Pitching your tent close to water offers cooler breezes and allows for wading in a river or taking a dip in a lake. For keeping the kids cool, don’t forget the squirt guns. If the campground has shower facilities, be sure to take advantage of them by taking a cold shower when the temperature reaches its peak in the late afternoons.