3 Different Types Of Camping

There are different types of camping which are enjoyed by many people, although most of us picture the weekend getaway with a tent and a grill. Some people camp because they simply love to camp; others treat it as a learning opportunity or the chance to discover more about history or even ourselves. Understanding and appreciating these different types of camping can make us better people than we were, and can create better connections with others.

Adventure Camping

Adventure camping involves camping in a minimalist way, with just the basic essentials, and appeals to those who consider themselves extreme campers. Most people who enjoy this type of camping do not carry a lot of bulky or costly equipment or supplies, and of course it is probably not the best option for families with young children or anyone who has to have all the comforts of home.

However, if your goal is to test your endurance and to see if you can make it, adventure camping may be something to try at least once. Most adventure campers tend to hike or bike during the day, and then camp at night, and it can take the form of a race against others or as a means of simply testing yourself.

Backcountry Camping

Rather similar to adventure camping, backcountry camping also appeals to those who need the absolute minimum amount of gear and want to get away from it all for some time. With backcountry camping, the choice of location is important and the aim should be to find a place to camp that is safe and habitable, but still remote and unspoiled. Fresh water is important, as serious backcountry campers wouldn’t dream of taking their own.

Backcountry camping might be seen as a marathon, if adventure camping is a sprint and it can be a great test of knowledge, skill and endurance. It’s about surviving with the bare minimum, and still being as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Historical Camping

If you use only the gear and supplies that were around during a specific time period, it is known as historical camping and it can be a great way to learn about your history and connect with the past. When you camp, you are camping as the people actually lived and it can provide a great insight into what life was really like back then.

Some people choose historical camping because they are interested in how people lived during a certain time in history, and if this is your angle you will be impressed how people managed to survive with what they had.

The other reason historical camping is popular is that it can make camping fresh and exciting again, and using the appropriate supplies and perhaps camping with others, can be fun and exciting.

Camping can teach you, or it can challenge you. Of course, it is also fun, whether you are camping as they might have done several centuries ago, or you are roughing it in the wilderness. However, all these types of camping will make you a better person.