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Camping – An American Tradition

Each year, millions of individuals venture out to set up camp in the backwoods of America. There is a comforting satisfaction when you create your own encampment by clearing your own campsite, setting up a tent, collecting and chopping firewood, and building the campfire. Sleeping under the stars and cooking over an open flame seems […]

3 Tips for Beating the Heat While Camping

Camp-outs are a great way to spend the summer holidays or a family vacation. On the other hand, the drawback to tent camping during the midsummer months is the hot weather. However, all it requires to make a summertime outdoor overnight stay a much more pleasurable experience is remembering to take a few extra measures. […]

The Best Way To Keep Things Dry While Camping

Many advantages and disadvantages are associated with camping in a tent. A tent is a very inexpensive and flexible way to immerse you in the beauty of nature and the elements. Those elements can be a major disadvantage because of it unpredictability and it causes a lot of challenges to ensure that your belonging remain […]

Tips For Camping In The Rain

After waiting for the entire winter finally everything is booked and the countdown begun for that greatly anticipated holiday. Everything is so exciting and looked forward to when the weather report comes in and suddenly those great feelings begin to dissipate. The thoughts of eating that charcoal grilled food while enjoying some wine around the […]

Tips For Pitching Your Tent Successfully

Before pitching your tent, be sure to read and understand the instructions that came with your tent. Familiarize yourself with all parts before proceeding. Once you have all parts set out and ready to assemble, follow the guidelines carefully in the instruction manual. Choose a suitable site. A level grassy area is best. Start by […]

Protecting Yourself from Ticks while Camping

There are more than eight hundred kinds of ticks all over the world, and these small creatures can be found most commonly in grassy places, such as prairies, or even woodlands, usually away from main paths or campsites. Ticks have been known to share over 30 diseases, such as Lyme disease, Colorado tick fever, ehrlichiosis, […]