Monthly Archives: April 2013

Camping in California

Camping on the west coast provides numerous advantages and there is no better place to camp than California. With many state parks, national parks and private campgrounds, the state of California has been the favorite travel destination for many campers. No matter what style of camping you enjoy, California offers it. The California Association of […]

Alps Mountaineering Camping Products

Alps Mountaineering manufactures a complete line of camping and backpacking gear for the experienced outdoors person. We are pleased to add this line up of quality products to our sporting goods website. Products include lightweight tents, backpacking tents, family tents, camping furniture and much more to come. About Alps Mountaineering” “ALPS Mountaineering, a small company […]

Bird Watching – An Activity for Everyone

Birds are a wonder of nature. They are beauty and grace in motion. Humans have always looked at birds through their own eyes or through binoculars with a sense of awe and wonder. In ancient Roman times, they were thought to be omens. It was believed that their flight patterns and calls were actually foretelling […]

Why Take a Family Camping Vacation?

In the modern family entertainment consists of glowing screens. The computer, video games, cell phones, and television are the things that entertain our families. These are all great technologies, but most of them are solitary activities. Game nights have always been a go to family get together, but why not do something special? A family […]